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What Would You Like To Know?

Have a particular question in mind about Oasis Community Pride Center? It’s probably been answered before. At Oasis Community Pride Center, we’re all about enhancing the lives of our community members, and have compiled a list of answers to previously asked questions to make your experience with us all the more pleasant. Look at the answers below, and contact us today!

Dancing at Carnival

How can Oasis help me?

Oasis is your second home, we provides a safe space where you can come to have a snack, drink coffee, meet community members, and empower yourself. Our services focus on sexual health and community mobilization. As such you will be able to access free testing, workshops, enrollment into programs that allow you to access clinical services, and large scale social events.​ We developed partnerships to provide additional services we might not provide directly but that will benefit you. Visit the Our Services page and read more.


Do the services have any cost?

All of our services are free cost and we do not require identification to provide services. Come over! Please be aware that many of the services you receive at Oasis will be complemented by services provided  in clinical settings and for these services you will need photo id and insurance. No need to worry we will help you in accessing photo identification, insurance, and benefit programs that will allow you to receive clinical services. 

Women Holding Hands

Does my immigration status matters when accessing your services?

No, immigration status does not matter when accessing health services. If you have an irregular immigration status, there are alternatives to find health care and health insurance. Please be aware that during your visit we do ask about immigration status as it allows us to offer you the most appropriate healthcare alternatives . 

Charity Volunteers

How can I volunteer at Oasis Community Pride Center?

For the moment, we do not provide major on-going volunteering opportunities. We do host periodic large scale social events like the Pride March, Halloween PrEParty, amongst other special events. Keep tuned to our social media channels for upcoming large scale events and reach out.

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