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Zero is an initiative to create awareness about the negative effects of homophobia and transphobia in society, particularly in the Latine/Hispanic community. We aims to create discussion and action at different levels, such as schools, houses of worship, workplaces, health care settings, and most importantly within family and friend groups.






We are actively looking for partners among different sectors of society to take the “It Ends With Me”  pledge. This includes:

Hispanic/Latino service organizations
Healthcare providers
Local and national LGBTQ community centers
Community-based organizations
Religious/Church/Spiritual leaders
Elected officials
Hospitals, clinics, community health centers
Colleges or universities, student groups
Medical associations, business associations
& More! 


If you’re the leader or member of an organization and would like to get involved in the campaign, sign on, and let’s get started.

Download the "It Ends With Me" graphics here.


Take the “It Ends With Me” Zero pledge and share our poster, or whatever image and words communicate why ending homophobia/transphobia is important to you and/or your organization.  

Use the hashtags #itendswithme #zerohomophobia #zerotransphobia.



Where do I begin?

You can start by fostering an environment within your organization that doesn’t allow homophobic/transphobic sentiments. Or you can organize an event or initiative for the community you serve. Big or small, let’s create visibility to eradicate homophobia/transphobia.


Below are some resources you can review and/or share with your friends, clients, family members, teams, and community about homophobia and transphobia. 

Zero 2023 Resource Guide English.

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