For the fourth consecutive year, Oasis LGBTS Wellness Center is mobilizing communities against transphobia. 

We are excited to host 2022's Week Against Transphobia, in partnership with community-based organizations, from  November 14-18th leading up to Trans Day of Remembrance on November 20th. Transphobia, in simple terms, is an irrational fear of those perceived to break or blur stereotypical gender roles. Through this lens, transphobia impacts every individual expressing gender in transgressive ways, independent of their gender identity or sexual orientation. However, transgender individuals continue to bear disproportionate amounts of the violence born out of transphobic fear.  This year alone there have been at least 27 murders of trans individuals in the United States.


The work to end this deadly violence can not fall solely on those most impacted. Ending transphobia will allow everyone to express their gender identities more freely. Therefore, it is our duty to organize against anti-trans violence.

This year the Zero Campaign is calling for an end to transphobic hate violence through our continued theme of “I Choose Loving…” for the Week Against Transphobia, November 14-18th. We invite your organization to join us in this display of the strength love can provide.

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Register for our virtual events by clicking on the images below. All our events will be held during the week of November 14-18 from 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EST.


 Support from your organization can include planning your events, turning out to our virtual events, and mobilizing others to do so.  The Zero Campaign would also love if you amplify our messaging on social media throughout the Week Against Transphobia from November 14-18. 

Want to support but don't know where to start?  We've got you covered. The Zero Team created this comprehensive toolkit to guide organizations and individuals choosing loving with us! 


Reach out to the Zero Campaigns Director, Edric Figueroa, with questions about the toolkit.

Zero Homophobia 2022 Recordings 

On May 16-20th, 2022 Oasis Latino-LGBTQIA+ Wellness Center brought together community-based organizations, service providers, activists, and community leaders for a series of web-based discussions as part of the Zero Homophobia National Campaign. This year our central campaign theme was ”I Choose Loving”. Alongside LGBTQ and Latino leaders from across the country and in Latin America, we discussed the importance of loving: ourselves, our families, our love stories, and our resistance and resilience.