"I Choose Loving" // "Yo Elijo Amar"

by/por Maite Nazario

We are so excited to debut our official campaign poster created by Maite Nazario, a queer, non-binary, Guatemalan, and Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist and activist based in Atlanta. Click on the image to read about the poster and register for the Zero Homophobia finale, which will feature an artist talk with Maite. //

Estamos muy emocionades de presentar nuestre póster oficial de la campaña creado por Maite Nazario, un artiste y activiste multidisciplinaria queer, no binaria, guatemalteque y puertorriqueñe que vive en Atlanta. Lea sobre el póster a continuación y regístrese para el final día de Cero Homofobia, que concluirá con una charla con le artiste Matie.


Between May 16-20, the Zero Campaign unites Latinx LGBTQ+ leaders across the country and Latin America to discuss the importance of loving: ourselves, our families, our love stories, and our resistance and resilience.

Del 16 al 20 de mayo, la Campaña Cero unirá a lideres Latines LGBTQ+ de todo el país y Latino America para discutir la importancia de amar: a quienes somos, a nuestres familias, a nuestres historias de amor y a nuestre resistencia y resiliencia. 

I Choose Loving - Yo Elijo Amar


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Right now, legislators across the country are targeting LGBTQ+ communities through regressive policies that are limiting our autonomy in the name of parental rights, children's safety, and/or the preservation of biological sex. While we may not win every anti-LGBTQ+ political struggle, we can continue to do what queer communities have always done best—love unapologetically.  That’s why this year’s 2022 Zero Homophobia campaign theme is “I Choose Loving”.

Now more than ever, we need you to continue loving as an act of resistance to the hatred of this political moment with the Oasis LGBTS Wellness Center.

Together, let us elevate how LGBTQ+, Latinx communities, and our allies can continue to choose:

May 16: Loving who we are // 16 de mayo: Amar quienes somos

May 17: Loving our families // 17 de mayo: Amar a nuestre familias

May 18: Loving our love stories // 18 de mayo: Amar nuestres historias de amor

May 19: Loving our resistance and resilience // 19 de mayo: Amar nuestre resistencia y resiliencia

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